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11 tips to manage event deadlines
11 Handy Tips from Event Planners on How to Manage Deadlines

All event planners know that deadlines can be hard to meet. Especially when you're managing multiple stakeholders in order to meet your milestones. Which is why we love tools and tips that are easy to share with our teams and volunteers on how to meet deadlines. Events must be executed, or the ...

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5 Reasons We Love Event Planning
#30DaysofGratitude: All About Event Planners

Why We Love Being Event Planners I'm proud to be part of an amazing community of event planners. Though the hours can be long and coffee can be expensive, it's just a lot of fun. And as part of Pathable's #30DaysofGratitude, we wanted to recognize 11 of our favorite posts that showcase some of the ...

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Event Risk Management: Mitigating Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and other Forces Majeure

To this day, the single most impressive interview story I've heard from a potential meeting planning candidate was the one who outlined her event risk management and disaster response to a hurricane that made landfall during her annual conference.

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