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Why Event Planners Should Expect Amazing Customer Happiness from Their Event App (and Team!)

burning man pathable testimonial

Customer Happiness is Pathable's number one priority

We believe that customer happiness is more than customer service. What's the difference, you ask?

To us, exceptional customer service means helping you, your team, and your attendees in a timely, efficient, patient, friendly manner. It's a guarantee that we'll deliver for you the mobile event app that your attendees need, that the conference app will work when you launch it, and that you'll be able to see ROI before, during, and after the show.

For us, exceptional customer service is just the baseline.

We want to turn customer service up to eleven. We want you to experience customer happiness. In fact, we believe in it so strongly that our account management team is called the Customer Happiness Team.

Here are five ways we promise to bring you and your attendees happiness.

We Promise to Be Attentive

We believe that central to customer happiness is our ability to really listen to what you and your attendees need. What does this mean for you?

  1. It means we want you to find the right conference app solution for your conference, even if you go with another company. Our job is helping event professionals find the perfect event app solution. Period. I've actually been on demos where one of our sales team has recommended other competitors. Of course, we want you to go with Pathable, but we're not the best fit for every event.
  2. It means we listen when you tell us something looks or feels clunky. You're likely not going to say, your user interface is bad. Instead, we want to listen and infer those valuable pain points to make the conference app better for you and your attendees.
  3. It means we escalate as needed, not when a certain amount of time without a resolution has passed. Go ahead, call us on the BatPhone (or chat or email!). That's what it's there for.

A bad fit will make you unhappy. And probably bring you more work.

You shouldn't have to worry about how much time out of your day the whole process of searching, negotiating, contracting, or implementing is going to take. Or worry if the event app is going to work and or if it will disrupt your attendee experience. Or whether or not you can afford the event app AND the extra customer support because the event app company you went with doesn't answer their email/online chat/phone.

Instead, rest assured how much value your conference app is going to bring you, your attendees, your boss, and your organization. Rest assured about how easy the whole process can be. Rest assured how much happiness a great conference or tradeshow app brings for you and your attendees.

Getting started with your new mobile event app

This is why our team starts every request for information we receive with a discovery call. We could take you straight to a recorded demo, but every event is different. We want to talk with you and learn what makes your event special. Then, once we sign with you, we start with an onboarding call and then follow up with another admin training. And we stick around for the long haul, including a post-even debrief where we all share (you, us, and the analytics) what worked, what didn't, and how we can get better next time.

We Promise We Don't Mind Surprises

happiness is ice cream and an event app that is easy to use.

As event planners, you hate surprises. So, that last minute schedule re-work your conference committee just threw down that will mean a re-vamp of the event app your attendees will be using in less than twenty-four hours?

Who has time for that?

What is the Pathable Happiness team?

Think of us as the backup plan to your well-crafted event management plan.

Surprises don't faze Team Happiness a bit. We think those curveballs you call about in the middle of the night are just part of the job.

Megs Rutligiano, who manages the Burning Man Global Leadership Conferences, says she never worries about managing changes or surprises with the Pathable team.

burning man pathable testimonial

"We want our program and agenda to show a clear overview that is easy to access by our attendees. We need it to be easy to set up and execute for our event planners. And we need it to work well, even with last minute changes. Pathable's team makes us a priority, guiding and assisting us every step of the way."

Event manager approved

We promise to be there for you. Supporting you as you tell us what you need. As one of our community managers, Michael, is fond of saying, we help you learn how to fish by providing the training, tools, and knowledge base you need to succeed. And if that's not enough, we offer additional support through our chat on our website, by phone, or email. And then premium support after that.

Your happiness is our happiness. Seriously.

Why? We think you should have conferences apps you believe in supported by a team that will always back you, even when something unexpected happens. Because we think your exhibitors and sponsors can help you pay for it while capturing quantitative and qualitative ROI for their investment. Because your attendees deserve and probably signed up for your event hoping to make a connection that matters.

Happiness is ice cream and an event app that is easy to onboard, set up, adopt, execute, and measure with a customer support team that loves and supports you standing by.

We Believe Creating Things and Experiences People Value Matter

Whether or not you can become great at something, you can always become better. Neil DeGrasse Tyson quote on innovation

 Call it what you want, but an exceptional work ethic and a willingness to do what needs to be done (and not take shortcuts) are what defines most of the event managers we know.

You want to create things and experiences your attendees value and not much is going to stop you doing that to the best of your abilities.

Us too.

For us, creating conference apps isn't just about making something slightly better than a digital program guide. The bare minimum of excellence for Pathable is to create an event app that gets your attendees where they're going in a simple, easy, and accessible manner. That can be counted on to work all the time. We think it should be all that and more.

To deliver ultimate happiness for our customers, Pathable wants to make your conference apps, your experience, and your attendees experience more than you've expected. 

Our team's happiness goal every day is creating for you and your attendees an event app that you value. And then helping you learn how to use it well. Because it matters to us.

We Promise to Help Give You a Break

For the umpteenth year in a row now, event planning has made the top stressful jobs list. But you didn't need an article to tell you that.

invented post its event planner

Pathable's event planner, Lindsay, says the first thing that happens when she attends a meeting planner conference is they all get into a room together and start talking about all the stuff that is stressing event planners out. She tells us stories to underscore how crazy your jobs are whenever someone new on our staff starts to say something like..."How hard could this job be anyway?"

My favorite story was the one about the planner who was trying to convince the professional speaker she was working with to not throw rocks at the lights he didn't like in the breakout room. Because he only wanted to be lit from the left.

ellen can't believe speakers pathable

Oh yes. Your job is absolutely bonkers. That doesn't happen in our day to day.


Event planners need a break.

You need a break. Your team needs a break. Pathable's great conference app and team allow you the safety and security to help you take one. No matter the complexity or uniqueness of the event or stakeholders you're facing.

Rakuten LinkShare holds affiliate marketing events in major cities worldwide year round. Retailers and publishers come from all over to network with each other, with as many as 2,000 one-on-one meetings at each event. Before adopting an event app, Rakuten's meeting planners were organizing each meeting manually using Microsoft Outlook.

"We were overwhelmed," says Pam O'Neill, Manager, Trade Shows and Events at Rakuten LinkShare. "Attendees were finding that they had been inadvertently overbooked. They felt they had no control over their own schedules. We had to find a centralized solution that made it easier on us as the event planning team and for our attendees."

By partnering with Pathable, Pam and her team reduced the time it took to book attendee meetings by 50%. "With the Pathable event app implementation, we have all of the attendees of our symposium events at my fingertips,  I have been able to not only save hours of time booking meetings for our clients, but I've also been able to identify new meeting opportunities in the past that had gotten lost in the shuffle, " shares Carolyn Bartlett, Strategic Account Manager. 

You've got enough to worry about. Your mobile event app shouldn't even be on the list.

We Think Innovation Shouldn't be Expensive and Loaded with Custom Development Work

We see meeting organizers and attendees use our event apps for all types of attendees and programs: from Commission Junction's CJ Universe to the American Bar Association to the NBA All-Stars Game.CJ Universe Pathable Mobile Event App

But that's because we've created our platform in a flexible, easy to use way that lets you create a conference app for your incentive trip, for your board meeting, for your city-wide conference and tradeshow, or for your persistent community that keeps attendees connected year round.

But that list isn't all the event types out there, right?

Because we bet you're thinking: "That's not my meeting. We are very special. What started out as a simple event has grown into something with all sorts of twists and turns that make it complicated and tough to execute. You should see my spreadsheets. We're definitely going to need something custom. And that takes time, and money, and all sorts of meetings with our staff, board, and advisory groups that we just don't have right now."

What if we told you likely won't be making anything that one of our clients hasn't done before?

No, seriously. Which means, you save money. Cause we've seen most of it. 

It might seem at first blush with all the questions you're asking yourself and then our team asks during our easy pre-discovery call, that no other planning team experiences your particular request. However, what we find more than often, is that other organizations, associations, and planners have done most of the legwork for you.

Which means you can take advantage of the latest innovation for event technology being asked for by your attendees as something that is part of the conference app package you invest in, rather than expensive custom development work. (And get that much-needed break we referred to immediately before this point.)

If you’re going to go through the trouble of creating this tool for your attendees, we want to help you benefit from all of the industry expert and other event planner excellence and advice on similar projects. And save you a bit of money while doing so.

We Think Customer Happiness Should be the Standard Rather than the Exception (unlike this dancing unicorn)

dancing unicorn pathable happiness

We could share all the reasons you shouldn't settle for a mobile event app, an event app team, and customer service that only does just enough, but really...you should just expect great, not kind of great, from the app itself to the team you work with.

Amazing customer happiness means that you should have the kind of experience you can rave to your friends and colleagues about. Our team at Pathable guarantees that with every event you partner with us on.

I mean, after all, you shouldn't have to work for the happiness the best things in life bring you.