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#30DaysofGratitude: All About Event Planners

5 Reasons We Love Event Planning

Why We Love Being Event Planners

I'm proud to be part of an amazing community of event planners. Though the hours can be long and coffee can be expensive, it's just a lot of fun.

And as part of Pathable's #30DaysofGratitude, we wanted to recognize 11 of our favorite posts that showcase some of the many proud, thankful planners that are out there, loving what they do and making a difference at the organizations they work with and for.

Cindy Y. Lo, CEO

Red Velvet Events, Why I'm Proud to be an Event Planner

"I’ll be the first one to tell you that I know event planning is not as crucial as, say, brain surgery or saving lives. But I still think it’s incredibly honorable to be in a profession that is among such a prestigious group of selfless, lifesaving jobs."

Michael Heipel

Event Marketing Blog, 10 Reasons I love Working in Events

"Working in events, you’ll meet a lot of people who share a passion for what they do. It is what many people dream of doing."

Tommy Darker, Founder & CEO

Darker Music, 15 Leading Event Profs Share Why They Love Working in Events

"Events bring people together in a physical space, they bond people and give them something tangible to talk about. The communal feeling helps people take inspired action, and that’s why I love organizing events."

Elsa Fridl, Event Coordinator

10 Reasons Why I Love Planning Events

"Individual work is part of a team. Whether many people from one office plan a single event or you’re the lone planner, your individual work is part of a team effort to make an event happen. (I view vendors I work with as part of my team.) While I enjoy doing my own work without much supervision, I also get satisfaction being part of a team effort."

Athena DeVonne, Event Manager

Why I Love Working with Events

"Networking and building strong relationships is an important part of our job. Which is fun but also necessary as so many opportunities can come out it. I love that being an event planner being open to trying out new things."

Rosalind McCarthy

10 Reasons We Love Working in Event Industry

"Our guests chose to spend their precious free time at our events and often they're something they look forward to for months. Events is such an emotive industry, driven by people’s passions. It’s our job to understand and enhance these emotions and ultimately make people happy."

Helen Moon, Freelance Event Planner

5 Reasons the Events Industry is the Best to Work In

"It’s great to have the freedom and be encouraged to lock into your creativity. The events industry is very competitive and you’re constantly challenged to come up with ideas that are bigger and better than the time before and it’s fun, not all the time, but most of the time!"

Steven Duggan

Celebrity Event Planner

"I love making people’s dreams become a reality. Through initial meetings with the client, I try and interpret their ideas, as everyone has their idea of a perfect party. Once I have everything designed and built I can stand back and watch the look on the clients face."

Lindsey Fish, CEO

My 4 Ps of Why I Love Working in Events

"For me... managing events, working with so many different people and learning about new companies and sometimes industries means I am constantly learning new things and the best bit is that learning in action for me means it all sinks in so I am progressing as an individual and as a professional every day."

Charlotte Torlo, Event Manager

Bright Knowledge

"There is never a typical day in events, which is something I absolutely love about the industry. It is full of creativity and challenges and adrenaline."

Adam King, CEO


"Event Planning is an art, it requires creativity, implementation, management, organizational and many more such kinds of skills"


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